Here at the MardleyHill Deli we want to give you the gift of a secret that lives at the heart of Mediterranean life.

In the Mediterranean, from Greece to Spain, from Cyprus and Italy, life is lived around the three F’s. Three words that are lived by, three words which are responsible for the joy we indulge in, three words which we live life by.

Family | Friends | Food

This is the secret to our happy disposition.

And whilst family and friends may seem obvious, consider the role of food, of great food in your life. How the right cake can upturn an afternoon, of how a delicious morning coffee can start the day off right, of how a hot meal can warm a cold day, of how a new tasty find can remain in your life for years, of a how a bite can stick with you for days.

Here at the MardleyHill Deli, our service given, our products provided, and experience shared are defined by the three F’s.

So come and bring your friends and family down to our MardleyHill Deli, meet our fantastic staff and try our produce, take a little of the Mediterranean home with you.

The countries our food products range from:

Greece | Italy | Cyprus | Spain | England

Our beverage products range from:

Italian Coffee | Adam & Russell Teas and Coffee | Italian cold drinks